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We offer a smooth stream experience.

Pay Per View Live streams are available in US Currency.  Our catalog of recorded streams is available in TT Currency at this time.

Your credit card statement invoice will show Television Entertainment On-The-Go Limited as the supplier for US currency transactions.

Your credit card statement invoice will show WiPay Caribbean as the supplier for TT currency transactions.

Your player will stream will be only accessible when you pay the required fee.
Click on the tab in the player and follow the four steps to access the content.

Click on the Login/Purchase button and follow the other steps to purchase the content.

Enter your valid email and login if you already have an account or purchased a stream on the on platform before. (see figure 2)
If you do not have an account or purchased a stream before you may add your valid email and create a simple password.  To create an account register as a user on the platform you will be required to add other personal details. (See figure 3)  You must select the buttons that you agree to terms and policies.

Once you have created your account You now enter the payment details to purchase online
Please enter a valid credit Card, expiry date and the CVC Number (see figure 4)


Please enter your address information to complete the process. (see figure 5)

Once your transaction is completed you will a notification in the browser (see figure 6)


Please check your valid email account for an email. 
Do ensure you check your spam folders if your do not see it in your inbox.
When completed the play button stream will be available to you in the browser.

Your payment gives you full access to the livestream and the recording available after the event.
You will not have access to other concert footage unless you have a full membership subscription.

If you experience any issues please contact support @ 1868 480 7777 or click on the Support buttons on the page
Please ensure you have a stable internet connection or sufficient data plan to access the platform.
Internet deficiencies will affect your access and enjoyment of the livestream.



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